Sunday, September 5, 2010

Track of the day 9/6

I figured something a little lighter than the previous, hard-hitting Benassi track would be a nice balance. If you've heard of B-Complex you've probably heard of (or heard) his track Beautiful Lies. Many would argue that this is his best track by far. I disagree. I think it is an awesome song that has the perfect combination of fast beats and a heavy, low bass line. But I'm going to disagree for almost the sole reason that not enough of his other material is heard. The other part of my reasoning might be the fact that I prefer lighter Drum and Bass tracks. "It's a Funny World" has incredible piano mixed into it to draw us away from the drums a little bit. Drum and Bass has never been my favorite genre but the genre has a few outliers that are way up on my favorite songs list (which I will never make because I hate having things like that set in stone). But, if I were to have one, it would be highly ranked. B-Complex doesn't have any albums out which is kind of disappointing, however he does have a whole mess of singles. His lack of albums doesn't matter too much for our generation because most of his songs will be downloaded off the internet. The only problem with most of the songs is that they've been featured on podcasts. Why is this a problem? Because the creator of one such podcast insists upon talking throughout the entire song which is extraordinarily irritating. This explains all of the (No Podcast) notation after some of the songs on YouTube. All of the links I provided are the clean versions that have rid themselves of his nasty voice. I have yet to find a track by B-Complex that I don't like and I hope he never changes that. I doubt he will.

Other good tracks:
Beautiful Lies
Girl With Flower

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